ArcGIS Comes to the Android Platform

ArcGIS Comes to the Android Platform 



Redlands, California—Google Android users can now access data and mapping capabilities on their smartphones with the ArcGIS for Android application. ArcGIS for Android lets users find and share maps as well as deploy GIS data and functionality on Android devices. The free app is now available and can be downloaded directly from the Android Market.

ArcGIS for Android is a native application that serves as a mobile gateway into the ArcGIS system. It provides an intuitive user experience for querying map layers and data. People can also use the app to edit features and attribute information on the fly while collecting field data and performing inspections. In addition, ArcGIS for Android includes a legend, a Favorites feature, and a tool for measuring area and distance.

ArcGIS for Android is built on Esri's ArcGIS Runtime Software Development Kit (SDK). This SDK lets developers create custom spatially enabled applications for Android devices and is designed to use web services available from ArcGIS. Apps built using the ArcGIS Runtime SDK can be deployed within the enterprise or to the public via the Android Market. The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android is currently in public beta, with final release expected in November 2011.

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